Artist Biography:

Oren Loloi is a figurative oil painter who has lived in Milan and New York and currently calls Tel Aviv his home. He studied painting at the Art Students League of New York. His main interest is in exploring the spaces left behind when words are no longer adequate. He works within the contemporary realist framework, but is not concerned with the exact reproduction of nature. His work investigates the narrow space between objective realism and pure abstraction where he finds the truest expression of a lived experience.

Artist Statement

I work in oil paint in an alla prima approach, using traditional materials and techniques. My work is not only the about subjects or objects themselves. Instead, I capture the feeling of a fleeting memory that can’t be placed.  would notice in a quiet moment, but is often pushed aside in our fast paced world. I do this by employing familiar visual tools, such as the quality of light, a feeling evoked by the depth and scale of space, or how a face can express something while saying nothing at all.