Artist Biography:

Oren Loloi is a painter who works figuratively primarily using oil paint. He has a diverse cultural background, having lived in Milan, New York, and Tel Aviv. He studied oil painting at the Art Students League of New York with an emphasis on realism. His main influences are the works of Vermeer, Sargent, and Hopper among many, but is also equally influenced by today’s masters of realism who focus on the depiction of light as a primary subject.

If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint it.

— Edward Hopper

Artist Statement

Through figures and still life work, I attempt to capture shared experiences that are best expressed visually. My work outwardly focuses on my own life. My models are most often my own family members and my still life work depicts the narrow slice of the world that I alone inhabit. Through this exploration of my own life, I seek to find commonalities with everyone: to bridge the gap between the deeply personal and the universal. On a fundamental level, my work is not about the object itself or the particular identity of a model. There is no political or philosophical intent in my works. These would be limiting concepts — if something can be described with an essay, then there is no purpose in making a painting of it. Instead, the way a painting presents the viewer with subtle cues, whether a particular tilt to the head or a specific quality of light and atmosphere, it can trigger a rich flood of memory and recognition of past experiences: a snapshot of something immediately recognizable to anyone. It is this wordless dialogue that forms the basis of my work.