An oil painting depicting a beach on a stormy day. Beachgoers are oblivious to the fact that there is a dead great white shark washed up on the shore.

Oil painting portrait of a child standing at a beach. In the distance there is a violent storm with water funnels and crashing lightning. The child seems unaware and is smiling. He is wearing a shirt emblazoned with a dinosaur and a descending comet indicating impending doom.

An oil painting depicting a beach scene. A fully dressed woman in a long sleeved shirt is watching two beachgoers entering the water. A dark storm cloud can be seen near the horizon with lightning crashing. The lifeguard station appears unoccupied.

A mother and her child are standing in the water at a beach on a gloomy gray day. A giant wave is crashing against a distant jetty. The woman is turned around and looking at the viewer.

An oil painting of people at the beach watching the sunset. A feeling of stillness and desolation permeates the atmosphere.

An oil painting depicting a close up portrait of a woman at a beach. There are empty beach chairs nearby and in the distance a mass of other beachgoers can be seen but not clearly discernible. The woman is wearing sunglasses and the light is filtering through and casting a warm shadow on her face. The light appears to be late in the day.

A still life oil painting depicting wooden blocks and a toy camel arranged in such a way to depict a mythical cityscape in an exotic far away land.

Still life oil painting depicting a toy dinosaur, a fox skull, and a pine cone arranged on top of a crumpled pair of denim jeans. There is a red background and strong directional light coming from the side.

An oil painting titled cowhenge depicting three animals: two cows and one goat standing around on a hill next to two monolithic rocks jutting out of the ground.