About the Artist

I make oil paintings in the realist tradition. My current ongoing series deals with unconscious fears and uncertainty. There is an underlying thread connecting each of the paintings in the series: A beach in the waning sunlight with a storm in the distance expressed with a feeling of dread or impending horror. The anonymous characters in my tableaus are found looking in the distance at something beyond the boundaries of the image. The unseen takes on a personal meaning in the viewer’s mind.

Everyone has unconscious fears — whether a fear of the future, the unseen, or the unknown. These feelings are manifested in cataclysmic imagery such as massive waves and crashing lightning. The viewer is privy to the turmoil but the figures in the image are not aware of what is happening. They are transfixed by something much bigger in the distance, both awesome and inevitable.

This is an inversion of the viewer’s inner life, made physical in the plane of the image. Presented in a magical realist style, my paintings evoke feelings that cannot be easily expressed verbally. This bridges the gap between the viewer’s consciousness and my own, creating a moment of shared vulnerability and human connection.

My other figurative work operates similarly. My still life imagery, while capturing the careful observation of light and space, also creates a narrative using the careful placement of personally meaningful objects. Similarly, my portraits chronicle my family and my relationship to them, each painting making up a piece of the story of my life.

I grew up in Milan and New York and currently live in Tel Aviv. Following a B.A. with a focus on fine art, I spent several years studying oil painting the Art Students League of New York. My work is executed purely with traditional oil paint, using only non-toxic pigments and without the use of additives or thinners. This ensures I create the most durable and long lasting paintings using the most up to date methodology.