About the Artist

As an artist, I am inspired by the natural world and also deeply concerned about the impact of climate change on our planet and its inhabitants.

In my work, I contemplate the theme of climate change and to try and come to terms with it. I work primarily in oil painting to create works that invite the viewer to confront the fragility of our world. My compositions reflect reality through dream-like imagery as allegories reflecting anxieties and uncertainty in a changing world

My goal isn’t to create art that simply captures the beauty of the natural world. Instead I create works that urge us to reflect on our inaction in the face of forces that operate on a different time scale than one human life span. My paintings contain figures who are not aware of what is happening around them. They are transfixed by something awesome and overwhelming in the distance. The easy thing is to avert our eyes when confronted with the seemingly inevitable. I seek to create works that inspire contemplation and reflection, and that encourage viewers to think about their own relationship with the environment.

I believe that art has the power to inspire introspection, evoke feelings that are difficult to express in words, and motivate individuals to look at reality from a shifted perspective. Through my work, I hope to get people thinking about our place in the natural world and how small we are in relation to the forces of nature. Without noticing, we have slowly edged toward a precipice. Hopefully my paintings can shock people into paying attention.

As an artist, I have been fortunate enough to live and work in a number of vibrant and diverse cities. Growing up in Milan, I was drawn to the city’s rich artistic heritage and its enduring beauty. I was inspired by the historic architecture and the vibrant culture of the city, and was deeply influenced by Italy’s rich history, culture, and language.

I then spent a large portion of my life in New York, where I was enveloped by the bustling streets and vibrant arts scene of the city. Having lived in both Brooklyn and Manhattan, I was surrounded by art galleries and people who shared my passions. I pursued graduate studies at FIT and also studied painting at the Art Students League, where I was fortunate to have renowned teachers such as Terence Coyle and Cornelia Foss.

I moved to Tel Aviv in 2009 and became enthralled with the city’s diverse and dynamic culture. Living on the coast, a short walk to the beach, I was deeply influenced by the power and pull of the Mediterranean sea, which now informs my current work in a fundamental way. I am excited to continue to explore new ideas and techniques in my work, and to continue to be inspired by the vibrant cities that have shaped me.